The Crossover CUPS Mission
“Rescue a child. Transform a family. Do it again tomorrow.

 Pastor Chuck & Rhonda have been attached to this mission in the Dominican Republic and have visited a number of times.  By way of their involvement in this particular ministry,  the  church is active in the community, in the state, the conference–Florida Children’s Home, and outside the United States.

About an hour and a half off the coast of Florida lies the Dominican Republic-it’s known for its beautiful Caribbean landscape as a popular tourist destination, but it’s also full of people struggling to make it each day.

Cups Of Cold Water rescues children through life skills education, personal mentoring, reading programs, English language training, health care, and family assistance. Our ministry also is feeding the poor living in a dump, and serving an orphanage. Our Christian team is bringing positive change to an entire area of the Dominican Republic. The plan is working!

The Cups Of Cold Water Project team has determined that this bleak outlook will not be the description of our Dominican village. Our missionary team has chosen to take a concentrated approach in the midst of a central human trafficking area in the Dominican.  To accomplish this task we are utilizing our own Sewing For Souls discipleship program, teaching young girls self-worth, self-esteem, life skills, sewing, cooking, craft making, and providing personal one to one discipleship. Sewing For Souls is a full program of life enrichment program. We are providing discipleship life skills for young boys though our Boy’s Life athletic program. We are educating the adult community through English language classes and Family enrichment programs.

Every week the CUPS weekly feeding ministry touches the lives of the poorest of  Haitian refugees and poor Dominicans living in sub-human conditions at the city garbage dump. Our movie truck brings Christian evangelical films to  remote villages. Our finances include the support of a PRC  which includes a “Healthy Mommy-Baby” program. Our Bible College classes are being provided in multiple communities. We have built homes, community centers, educational buildings, churches, and water purification systems. Our Summer street ministry teams are sharing the love of Jesus with the sex-trafficked girls working the streets of Sosua. CUPS Team members are delivering a message of transformation! They are providing sustainable Christian ministry to a local orphanage. These are ministries that make our communities different! It is the most sustainable method we have found to touch the lives a large number of children, and their families. With God’s help, we have seen a community moved from at-risk to thriving. The children in our villages have smiling faces for a reason… they have hope… they have a future.

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